MPN: SI-1911TS


  • Torx Head (Trox Driver T15 required)
  • Cosmetic dimension
  • Heat treated


  • Material: 12L14 Steel or Stainless Steel
  • Dimension:
    • Standard: H: 0.343”; W: 0.150”-50 TPI; Head Diameter: 0.269”
    • Slim: H: 0.250”; W: 0.150”-50 TPI; Head Diameter: 0.267”


  • 1911


  • 4x Strike Industries Torx 1911 grip screws


Never content with firearm components that perform poorly or have a common appearance, the folks at Strike Industries have stepped up the game by providing another innovative product that the rest of the industry seems to have overlooked. Innovation has found its way to 1911 Grip Screws.

What’s Special about Strike Industries’ 1911 Grip Screws?

Strike Industries’ 1911 Grip Screws provide a strong mount for your pistol grips and add to the appearance of your 1911 handgun. Torx heads and quality metals in a variety of finishes give the screws a more polished appearance than a screw with a standard or Philips head provides. The strength of Torx based fasteners is legendary and can be counted on here too. Strike’s 1911 grip screws are available in standard and slimline versions and matching bushings are available for all screw sets. All of Strike's Torx head 1911 grip screws require a T15 driver for secure tightening.

Strike Industries Provides a Finish for Every Build

Whatever the finish of your frame and grips, you can choose Strike Industries 1911 grip screws to compliment it. Strike’s screw sets are available in AISI 12L14 heat treated steel finished with black zinc coating, standard blue, chrome, or true 24 carat gold plated. For those armorers who prefer stainless steel, Strike industries offers their grip screws in classic bright stainless steel.

Strike’s Craftsmen Know Their Products

Strike Industries is fully American owned and operated in Santa Ana, California. Strike’s staff takes pride in bringing innovation to firearms in ways that have long been overlooked by other component manufacturers. As active shooters with real experience in situations where small improvements can really make a difference Strike Industries’ designers and manufacturing staff are never content with the status quo.

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