• Fits on pistol lower frame
  • Softer recoil
  • Longer lifespan between metal slide and polymer frame
  • Decrease of shock to hands which prevents muscle fatigue
  • Increased weapon control for better accuracy
  • Maximized surface to absorb impact


This SI Shock Buffer will not fit every XD/XDM model. Please see chart below for compatibility.



If you need a frame shock buffer for your Springfield XD or XDM, consider this Strike Industries XD / XDM Shock Buffer. Strike Industries is currently operated by a former member of the U.S. Armed Forces. All products sold by the company are designed by gun owners who evaluate them for quality and ease of use. Because Strike Industries is committed to providing customers with products that are really useful, you can feel assured that a Strike product will perform the way it was designed to behave.

The frame shock buffer fits comfortably on your pistol lower frame. The buffer helps extend the lifespan of the metal slide and the polymer frame by absorbing the shock of pistol’s recoil. The polyester-based thermoplastic polyurethane buffer also decreases the recoil shock to the user’s hand. The decrease in shock can help prevent muscle fatigue and enable you to spend more time shooting before needing to stop. The decreased “kick” will also enable you to perform faster, smoother follow-up shots.

For a quick and inexpensive upgrade to your Springfield XD or XDM, consider this frame shock buffer. Installation is quick and painless and doesn’t require any special tools. Order your shock buffer today to improve your shooting experience.

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