MPN: PRP-043-9-40


  • Enhanced striker safety lever reduces trigger pre-travel
  • Lightweight springs reduces trigger pull weight to 3.5 - 4 lbs
  • Enhanced sear's patented angle lighten the pull and provides a smooth crisp break
  • All over all short crisp trigger pull with a fast reset

*This kit might require a minor fitting. Gunsmith installation instructions is included.


  • Material: Polymer


  • Springfield XDM (9mm and .40 S&W Only)


  • 1x Striker Safety Lever
  • 1x Competition Weight Trigger Spring
  • 1x Reduced Power Sear Spring
  • 1x Sear
  • 1x XDm Trigger


Out of the box, the Springfield Armory XDM trigger is adequate. It has the same feel as any other handgun that uses a trigger similar to Glock’s revolutionary “safe action” trigger system.

Match Grade Requires Match Grade Parts

There’s considerable take up needed for the XDM trigger before it will release the internal safety. From that point on, the feel of the trigger remains squishy until the release of the sear. Even after the striker hits the primer the trigger continues to move back. None of these qualities lend themselves to match grade accuracy. The beginning to building a match grade pistol is to have a match grade trigger.

PRP Ultimate Match Target XDM Trigger Kit

The PRP Ultimate Match Targe XDM Trigger kit is designed for easy installation. What it gives the shooter in return, is a handgun with greater potential for accuracy. The kit’s lighter polymer PRP XDM trigger increases reset speed. It also limits over travel. Included in this XDM trigger kit is a striker safety lever which will decrease the long pull needed to disengage the safety. Other replacement parts in this Powder River Precision XDM trigger kit are reduced power trigger spring and sear springs. A new sear is also included in the XDM trigger kit. A patented improvement to the angle of this new sear allows a smoother release of the striker. Replacement of all these parts gives your XDM trigger a shorter pull and a crisper breaking point. After installation, the PRP XDM trigger will be a crisp 3.5 to 4 pounds.

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