MPN: PRP-056-9-40


  • Enhanced striker safety lever reduces trigger pre-travel
  • lightweight springs reduces trigger pull weight to 3.5 - 4.5 lbs
  • All over all short crisp trigger pull with a fast reset


  • Material: Polymer


  • Springfield XDM (9mm and .40 S&W Only)


  • 1x XDm trigger
  • 1x Competition lightweight trigger spring (Blue)
  • 1x Lightweight trigger spring
  • 1x Striker safety lever
  • 1x Striker safety spring
  • 1x Reduced power sear spring
  • 1x Competition lightweight striker spring (Blue)
  • 1x Lightweight striker spring


The Springfield XDM trigger has the attributes that make the XDM an excellent handgun for the private citizen and the armed professional. In addition to an external safety, an internal safety is disengaged by taking up slack in the trigger. When pulled further, the trigger has a springy feel until the sear is tripped and the striker released. Even after the cartridge has been ignited there continues to be a small amount of rearward movement until the trigger reaches its travel limit. These design features ensure positive release of the striker and decrease the chance of accidental discharges. The downside is that, what makes the Springfield XDM trigger mechanism safe and reliable, also inhibits accuracy.

The PRP Fix

This Springfield XDM trigger kit takes care of all these problems by replacing the components of the trigger mechanism with improved parts. The kit fits all XDM pistols and is easy to install.

Short and Smooth

The long pull needed to disengage the trigger safety is decreased with new safety lever included in this PRP drop-in trigger kit XDM. The kit’s trigger, striker safety, and sear springs have reduced weight, which decrease the pull weight but do not compromise the trigger safety. A lighter trigger in the Springfield XDM trigger kit speeds up reset and an over travel stop prevents the trigger from traveling farther than it needs to. Use of this PRP drop-in trigger kit XDM results in a pistol with a shorter, smoother pull and decreased pull weight.

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