• Give reliable function of your carry pistol
  • Reduces trigger pull weight by about 1.5lbs


  • Material: Steel


  • Springfield XD-S and XD-S Mod.2 (9mm / .40 / .45)


  • 1x Grip Safety Spring
  • 1x Disconnector Spring
  • 1x Trigger Safety Spring
  • 1x Striker Spring
  • 1x Sear Spring
  • 1x Striker Safety Spring


Safety concerns with the XDS led Springfield Armory to voluntarily offer a recall of the pistols so that repairs could be made. The repaired XDS pistols are now safer to shoot but they, as well as XDS pistols manufactured after the recall date, still have less than optimum triggers. Springfield’s effort to improve safety was not also an XDS trigger upgrade. It didn’t improve the long pull and gritty release of the trigger. In some cases, shooters noted the pull weight for the XDS could be as much as 9 pounds. There were also complaints about light hits by the striker on some brands of ammunition.

The Perfect XDS Upgrades

The PRP XDS trigger spring kit offered an XDS trigger upgrade for both recalled pistols as well as those manufactured after the recall. It is designed to reduce trigger weight, as well as improve sear release. Light primer strikes are also eliminated when using the XDS trigger spring kit.

These new spring will lower and smooth out the trigger pull of your XDS. With the PRP XDS trigger spring kit installed, the trigger will have a crisper release and the pull weight decreases by 1.5 to 2 pounds.

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