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Killer Innovation

Rick Olsen is the president and co-owner of Killer Innovations, one of the most cutting edge companies you will find. This is because design and manufacturing decisions are made not on the basis of quick and cheap. Instead, they want to make every Killer product better than anything else you can find on the open market. Working together as a tight-knit family, they want a product that looks good and is a bit less expensive than you would expect.

Killer Innovations Mission Statement

The same problems have plagued the shooting industry for ages. However, Killer Innovations has designated looking for new ways to solve old problems a basic company standard. If they can't bring you the best of the best, then it's not worth doing. In the past, if you bought Black Label products or OEM parts you may already be a customer because that has been the bulk of their business. However, you will start seeing the Killer Innovations label. That's their latest mission statement, to expand into their own brand.

Enhance Performance While Looking Good

Killer Innovations Glock barrels aren't the only thing coming out of Tumwater, Washington. They make products that enhance accuracy and look good doing it. Browsing their selection, you will find Glock slides that are custom cut for Red Dot Sights and grooved front and back. That way you work that slide the way you want to. A brake and compensator that are custom designed to deliver the highest level of performance. As well as a Glock, drop-in trigger that will enable the shooter to achieve their best performance.

Nevertheless, Killer Innovations Glock barrels turn out to be very accurate barrels. Additionally, they are available at a price point below what you would imagine. This is achieved by employing their cutting edge, Single Process Technology. To them, this means that the bore, chambering, and rifling are all cut in one high-tech, precise machine. Without human interference, SPT yields far superior rifling than could ever be had with the lesser quality industry standard. For the shooter, that means we no longer have to settle for average, just to save a buck.