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Northtech Defense Prodcuts (Barrel, Upper and more..)Northech Defense

In 2012, an Oregon machining and manufacturing company that had served the firearms, aerospace and recreation industries for more than ten years gave birth to Hubbard, Oregon, based Northtech Defense. 

The intention of Northtech Defense is to supply high-quality components to the firearms community at prices that give the consumer a great value for their investment. Northtech’s vision includes keeping costs down and quality control strong by keeping every aspect of their production, from design to final finishing, in-house. In keeping their entire operation contained in a single facility in Hubbard, Oregon, they exercise total control over the quality of their components. In-house design and manufacturing also allow Northtech to bring new products to the consumer much more quickly than competitors who are chained to the manufacturing pace of another business,

Simply owning its production and design processes from the ground up isn’t enough for Northtech Defense. Northtech has committed to the continuous improvement of their products. From the first stages of design to the final touches in production, nothing is considered beyond improvement. One way that Northtech ensures the continued improvement of their products is by maintaining close relationships with the tactical community. Military and law enforcement personnel as well as 3 gun shooters, recreational firearms enthusiasts, and those dedicated to home defense are all included in the intrinsic conversation Northtech has with its consumers.

Northtech considers each segment of their consumer base to be an integral part of its family. Quality products and superior customer service are the hallmarks of Northtech’s business practices.