• Heat resistant and extremely durable
  • 6-hole Squid Grip® inserts directly into the cooling holes
  • May be cut to form any length or inserted end to end for longer lengths
  • Soft rubber enhances griping


  • Material: Rubber
  • Finish: Black


  • Troy Alpha, Delta, TRX Extreme rails and the T22 Sport Chassis

**Will not fit Troy VTAC rail system


  • 7x Troy Industries Squid Grips


Troy Industries brings you the Squid Grip, a simple yet ingenious way to improve comfort and weapon control of AR-15 rifles outfitted with Troy's rail systems. They will fit the TRX Extreme, Alpha, and Delta rail systems as well as the T22 Sport Chassis.

Each piece in the pack of seven consists of six interconnected rubber rings that you can install by pressing them into the cooling holes on the forend. The rubber is heat resistant and gives you a more stable and comfortable grip on the front end of your weapon.

You can install two or more of these Squid Grips in a row to cover the entire length of the forend, or you can cut them into smaller pieces to create a shorter grip surface. The Squid Grips have wide holes of their own so that they won't interfere with the heat dissipation properties of the forend.

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