Strike Industries Flip Switch Ambidextrous Safety Selector

Strike Industries Flip Switch Ambidextrous Safety Selector

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  • Fully ambidextrous, can also be use as left side only, right side only, or ambidextrous
  • Interchangeable selector switch (2x switches and 1x end cap)
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Compact, low drag size
  • Modular assembly
  • 60 or 90-degree throw options
  • Available in Black, Flat Dark Earth, Blue, and Red finish!


  • Material: 
    • Selector Bar: Steel
    • Selector Lever: Aluminum
  • Finish: Anodized 
  • Weight: 0.46 oz.
  • Throw Degree: 60° and 90°


  • AR-15 and AR-10

*Not compatible with Hiperfire triggers


  • 2x Shaft screw
  • 1x 60/90 safety center bar
  • 1x End Cap
  • 1x Right Side Flip Switch
  • 1x Left Side Flip Switch





There are a ton of safety selectors on the market so choosing a new ambidextrous safety selector can be a little daunting. Like Goldilocks, you might find that this one is too big and that one is too small. If that’s the case, the Strike Industries Flip Switch could provide that just right fit you’re looking for.

Small Size, Big Grip

The Strike Industries Flip Switch Ambidextrous Safety Selector is made for those of you who feel like extended Safety Selectors like Strike’s go-fast Strike Switch are just too obtrusive, but who want something with a little more meat and better ergonomics than the average mil-spec selector. The Flip switch has excellent ergonomics and good positive purchase, even in inclement weather, but it’s compact enough so it won’t snag on equipment when you take it out in the real world.

True Ambidextrous Operation With a Touch of Color

The SI Flip Switch comes complete with its own 60/90 shaft, left and right side switches, shaft screws and a color matched end cap. You don’t have to wonder if your existing shaft marries right with Strike’s switches. The complete, fully ambidextrous selector is provided in one package. The Flip Switch features quality aluminum switch and end cap parts that feature color matched hard anodized finish. Choose a little color if that’s your thing, or stick with basic black to blend in flawlessly.

Flip Your Switch

When you use SI’s Flip Switch safety selector, you get a quality blend of easy, ergonomic performance, aesthetic appeal, and hardy but lightweight construction. Choose the Flip Switch and Strike First.

Note: Not compatible with Hiperfire triggers

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19 Reviews

  • Great Aftermarket Upgrade

    Posted by Brown on 28th Apr 2020

    Fit an finish is fantastic! Super easy to install. love that it can be set up ambi, right, or left. Remember boys and girls, safety switch is stiff from the dent spring, poorly drilled safety hole, or in some cases, poorly milled safety selector. These selectors are made wonderfully. If the selector is stiff to engage, cut a couple coils off the dent spring. You'll be all set!

  • Excellent, perfect fit

    Posted by Carlos on 14th Oct 2019

    Great seller, fast shipping, excellent communication


    Posted by Eric on 12th Sep 2019

    This ambi switch gives me good purchase without being overly large. It's great that it comes with the ability to make it single sided out of the box even thou I didn't use the extra piece. All parts are well machined without flaws or tool marks. Yes the switch was very stiff when installed. Put a little oil or grease in the appropriate hole then spend the time to work it and it will become easier to flip. I prefer a POSITIVE 60 degree throw.

  • Strike Industries Flip Switch

    Posted by AG on 27th Dec 2018

    Bought one set earlier this year and can't get it to work - yep, I've installed other selector switches into the same lower and they have all worked flawlessly. Looks like the milling was poorly done. First product from Strike that leaves me dissapointed!

  • Looks Nice!

    Posted by JE on 17th Nov 2018

    I am a huge fan if SI products, i have many of their products and have always been very satisfied. I was a bit disaaapointed how stiff it is to flip to fire, but it is smooth from fire to safe. I am a lefty and this is my first ambi switch...may go to a different SI switch in the future.

  • Not Worth IT!!

    Posted by Brian on 3rd Jul 2018

    The edges on this selector are sharp. They put cuts on my thumb whenever I use it. I had to file down to edges so it would stop slashing up my finger. Also the machining on the selector detent holes catches on the selector detent causing the selector to get stuck or be extremely hard to switch on and off. Horrible. Do NOT buy!

  • Great for lefties.

    Posted by Chris on 7th Feb 2018

    Easy install and perfect fit in mil spec lower. The detent spring will cause extra tension and cause some drag. I removed 2 coils from the spring and everything was perfect. Very good fit and finish. Definitely good kit for a lefty like me.

  • Awesome little selector!

    Posted by Nathan on 8th Sep 2017

    First off, man this thing looks good! The ends fit snug and solid. I'd recommend a little blue loctite on the screws when installing. Personally I love the slightly shorter legs as they don't get in the way of the grip. I even let my 8 yr old son try it out after reading that first review and he didn't seem to have a problem using this selector at all. As for it being stiff... like the last guy said just trim your spring and it'll be smooth as butter. (again, that's your parts kit spring, nothing to do with this SI part). Oh, and I'd like to add that Wing got my order to me from Cali to MS on the 3rd day. Awesome shipping!

  • Perfect in every way

    Posted by Kevin C on 2nd Aug 2017

    Previous review said there wasn't enough length to it, with average size hands. I have small to avg size hands and fingers, and I reach the switch VERY easily on both sides. It fit perfect in my Aero Precision Gen 2 lower. It moves perfectly from position to position. I did however need to trim the detent spring down a tad. This isn't the fault of the switch in anyway, as it doesn't come with a spring/detent. After a lil trim, it is by far the smoothest safety I've used. Couldn't be happier.

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