MPN: 100-075


  • Smooth trigger uptake
  • Minimizes drag on the trigger bar
  • Tactile, detectable trigger reset
  • Can pair with Apex Competition Spring Kit to reduce trigger pull weight


  • Works with Smith and Wesson M&P series pistols in 9mm, .357SIG, .40S&W and .45ACP, as well as the M&P M2.0, the M&P Shield, and Shield Plus in 9mm/40S&W.

Note: Does NOT fit or is needed in the M&P Shield 45 model.


  • 1x Ultimate Striker Black (striker safety plunger)
  • 1x Safety Plunger Spring
  • 1x Talon Tactical Tool


If you’re a competition shooter looking to make important upgrades to your M&P, M&P M2.0 or M&P Shield, Apex Tactical Specialties offers some of the best drop-in components on the market for your needs. When it comes to a replacement M&P striker block you’ll find it hard to come by a better component for your money than the Ultimate Apex Striker Block for M&P, M&P M2.0, and M&P Shield.

The Upgrade You Need for the Performance You Want

The Apex Ultimate Striker Block Kit is designed to affect an extra smooth trigger uptake while creating a minimal drag on the trigger bar and giving the shooter a trigger reset that can easily be sensed. That makes it much easier and faster for the trained shooter to get the next shot off quickly and accurately without guesswork. When you know when the reset happens, you have more awareness and control of the entire firing cycle and that means you have a greater opportunity to perform at your best.

What Makes It Better?

The Apex Ultimate Striker block is designed to work with a quality machined sear. Improved geometry and precise dimensions allow this striker safety plunger to produce smoother, enhanced performance in your M&P pistol. Combining this Striker Block with the appropriate sear and Apex’s quality spring kits will allow for smoother operation and a lighter trigger pull as well as a reset point that you will be able to feel. The Apex Striker Block Kit also includes an M&P Striker Block spring that will help you to keep safety values in line while you enjoy reduced drag and less lift resistance.

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