• About 1/3 the bearing surface of a factory magazine follower for smooth feeding and no binding
  • Bright anodized with white lettering for high visibility while clearing weapon
  • Center hole to help verify clear weapon by touch
  • About 80% stronger than 6061-T6 aluminum


  • Material: 7075-T6 Aluminum
  • Finish: Anodized
  • Weight: 0.1 oz.



  • Semi Auto:
    • Benelli M2 & M4
    • Mossberg 930
    • Remington 1100 & 11-87
    • Stoeger M3000
    • Other 12GA semi auto shotguns
  • Pump Action:
    • Mossberg 500 & 590
    • Remington 870
    • Keltec KSG (takes two)
    • Other 12GA pump shotguns

**Fits in most factory 12-gauge shotgun magazine tubes and extension tubes WITHOUT spring/follower retention dimples. You will need to remove the dimples or exchange the magazine tube to install this product


If you mess with shotguns much, either for sporting or tactical purposes, you’ll find out that factory magazine tube followers aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. Manufacturers know that the shotgun magazine followers they provide are going to fail and even suggest replacement schedules that verge on the ridiculous. If you’re done with draggy followers that wear our too soon or just don’t perform as they should, it’s time to upgrade to a Phase 5 Low-Drag High Visibility 12 Gauge Shotgun Follower.

Quality Aluminum 12 Gauge Magazine Followers

Phase 5’s Low Drag High Visibility 12 Gauge Magazine Followers are designed to eliminate binding and drag associated with stock magazine tube followers in many 12-gauge magazines and extension tubes. Phase 5 precision machines high-strength 7075 T6 aluminum bar stock to create smooth feeding magazine followers that don’t wear out prematurely or break like plastic versions do. Phase 5’s choice to use 7075 instead of industry standard 6061 produces a follower that is 65 % stronger than even their competitors’ aluminum tube followers.

Designed for Performance

The bearing surface of Phase 5’s magazine follower is roughly one third the area of stock followers allowing for smoother, bind free feeding. Bright anodized finishes and crisp white lettering allow for quick visual verification of empty magazines, while the open center lets the operator instantly feel whether there is a shell at the ready in situations where visual verification isn’t possible.


The Phase 5 Low Drag High Visibility 12 Gauge Shotgun Magazine Follower is easily compatible with most 12-gauge extension and magazine tubes on the market today that do not include retention dimples intended to keep the follower and spring in place. In those models that include retention dimples, you will need to take the dimples out or replace the dimpled tube with a smooth version before using a Phase 5 follower.

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