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The business model for Scalarworks closely follows that of any other successful company. A cutting-edge product is developed, manufactured, and delivered to the consumer. Scalarworks does this at a reasonable price and in a timely fashion. Scalarworks stands out in the firearms accessory market due to its unique blend of innovative design and commitment to lightweight and efficient products.

Scalarworks logo

Scalarworks is a relative newcomer to the shooting world. They were founded in 2014 but since have made an enormous impact. There are very few companies around that are 100 percent owned and operated by avid shooters. Scalarworks holds the distinction of being one. This situation results in product development and production that is entirely shooter-driven.

Scalarworks Don't Demand Your Trust, They Earn It.

The owners and employees of Scalarworks make it a point not to ship any product they wouldn't buy themselves. That in itself could be considered a boast. However, they back this point with a rock-solid warranty. If any Scalarworks product ever fails due to a manufacturing or material defect, they will make it right.

Scalarworksparts on AR-15

Carving Out A Niche

Scalarworks specializes in a field where exceptional products are much needed. They produce an array of sights and optic mounts that are by far the lightest and strongest available in the industry. You can be confident that every piece that ships from their company is 100 percent American-made.

Scalarworks PEAK Fixed Iron Sights

These are fixed front and rear aperture style sights that attach to your weapon’s Picatinny rail. These are fully adjustable and optimized for either close or far tactical operation.

Scalarworks SYNC Integral Mount

The SYNC mount is intended for popular Benelli and Mossberg shotguns to hold Trijicon/RMR style optics. The SYNC mount is designed to handle the harsh recoil experienced with a heavy-hitting shotgun.

Scalarworks LEAP Mount

This is a line of unique quick detachable optic mounts. They can be had in a variety to handle many Red Dot, RMR, MRO, as well as a traditional scope.