MPN: SW1000


  • Manually adjustable elevation and windage, with a 0.5 MOA per click
  • Sight post is non-rotating for finer adjustment
  • Flat faced sight post to eliminate highlight bias
  • Precision apertures that are flat toward the shooter to eliminate highlight bias
  • CNC milled from 7075-T6, which is superior mechanical properties to 6061-T6
  • Streamlined profile that won't get caught on gear and surroundings
  • Made in the USA

Scalarworks PEAK Fixed Iron Sights Set


  • Material: 7075-T6 Aluminum and 4140H Steel
  • Finish: Anodized Black and Flash Nitride
  • Weight:
    • Front: 0.94 oz.
    • Rear: 1.45 oz.
  • Center height over rail:
    • Front: 1.42"
    • Rear: 1.42"
  • Length:
    • Front: 3.48"
    • Rear: 5.55"
  • Adjustment:
    • Front and Rear: 0.5MOA/click @ 15" sight radius
  • Adjustment range:
    • Front: 51MOA @ 15" sight radius
    • Rear: 46MOA @ 15" sight radius
  • Sight post: 1.35mm (0.053") width - Non-rotating
  • Flip apertures:
    • Rear: Same-Plane 0.07"/0.20" diameter


  • Any firearm with top Picatinny top rail

**Sight is designed to work on same plane rail systems only. Will not work with a railed gas block that is higher or lower than the receiver.


  • 1x Scalarworks PEAK Fixed Front Sight
  • 1x Scalarworks PEAK Fixed Rear Sight

*The Scalarworks PEAK Fixed Sights are sold separately. If you want to have the complete set (front and rear sights), you will have to add them individually to the cart.


Please don't be one of those people who wonder if they need iron sights on their AR-15. The real question is do I need optics. The real answer is most people don't need optics. They want them. However, unless you shoot long-range, you must run AR-15 iron sights. The only question is which ones?

World’s Finest Fixed Iron Sights

At one end of the spectrum, there are, believe it or not, AR-15 sights made out of polymer. That's a fancy word for plastic. Don't get me wrong. Polymer is a wonderful material for scales or AR-15 furniture, but for sights? Would you bet your life on it? What would I bet my life on? Scalarworks iron sights, well, they're not really made out of iron. That terminology is a hold-over from the last century. Scalarworks iron sights are really made out of 7075 T6 aluminum. This material is lighter and far superior in strength than anything else available in the AR-15 iron sights world.

Modern Features, Refined Styling And World Class Quality

In no way am I saying you should never run optics on your AR-15, or any weapon. I am saying you shouldn't depend on them. You have heard the saying that anything that can go wrong will go wrong. The fewer things you leave to chance, the better off you will be. If the majority of your shooting is CQ, then you only need a good set of AR-15 iron sights. Fully adjustable, Scalarworks iron sights are fixed and solidly clamped to your Pic rail. They don't fog up, and there's no battery to fail. Increase your chances to win, opt for the Scalarworks fixed AR-15 sights.

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