• One piece design - eliminate gas leak
  • Upgrade replacement for standard three gas rings featured on factory bolts


  • Material: Steel
  • Finish: Raw
  • Weight: 0.02 oz.


  • This model of JP Enhanced Gas Rings is compatible with DPMS style .308 AR Platform bolt chamber in 7.62 NATO / .308 Win. If you need a 5.56 / .223 model, please look at the JP Enhanced Gas Rings for AR-15 Bolt.

*The JPEGR-308 is not compatible with large-frame Armalite bolt assemblies.


If you have a problem with your AR rifle that's associated with a lack of gas, you may want to consider replacing your Mil-Spec gas rings with something that's better able to resist this particular malfunction. The best way to be rid of a gas leak problem is to definitely consider the JP Enhanced One Piece Gas Rings for the.308 AR bolt. The best part is, this product is compatible with all DPMS style .308 AR platforms.

The gas rings of an AR rifle help maintain the ideal pressure within the bolt carrier when the action is cycling. If there are gas leaks in the system, the pressure will decrease and cause an insufficiency to cycle properly. If the system does not cycle correctly, it could lead to short-stroking and other problems caused by a lack of gas. When your weapon is unable to fire in a situation that you need it most, you may find yourself in trouble. In real-life situations, a weapon malfunction could lead to loss of life or limb.

One great way to improve the reliability of your AR rifle is the installation of these one-piece gas rings. Unlike the traditional three-piece gas rings, these single-piece rings are simple to install and eliminates the risk of ring gap alignment. The one-piece design also eliminates the number of spare parts you have floating around. For a lowered possibility of a gas leak, you should definitely try this product out.

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