Strike Industries KeyMod Rail Covers with Hand Stop

Strike Industries KeyMod Rail Covers with Hand Stop

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  • Low profile and snag free design
  • Protects your hand from excessive barrel heat
  • Modular interlocking panels (Cover up to 7 KeyMod Slots)
  • Included hand stop for increased control
  • Multiple colors available, custom camouflage patterns can be created when combining kits


  • Material: 30% Fiber filled Nylon


  • All KeyMod systems


  • 1x Front end cap
  • 4x KeyMod Cover panels (set of 2 halves)
  • 1x Hand Stop
  • 1x Rear end cap


You have a KeyMod hand guard that you want to love, but sometimes it gets a little too hot to handle. Maybe you just want a little more security in your forward grip. Strike Industries KeyMod Rail Covers are just the thing to make the love affair between the two of you complete. Create a custom KeyMod cover for your hand guard to give you a safe, secure grip surface in just minutes with this handy kit.

The modular panels of Strike Industries KeyMod Rail Covers are furnished as two-piece interlocking sections which you assemble and then attach to your KeyMod hand guard. The process is simple, and you can place them on your hand guard wherever you like to create the grip pattern you want. Place the included hand stop to suit your reach. You can even place rail cover tiles on either side of it for variable grip options. When you’re finished, simply apply the rear locking plates to secure your KeyMod covers in place and you have a custom insulated grip surface. 

Strike Industries’ KeyMod Rail Covers are made of a special fiber reinforced nylon that will take whatever you dish out and hold on strong. The textured surface of the rail cover tiles ensures a solid grip even in adverse conditions. For even better control, place the KeyMod hand stop included in the kit and enjoy the comfort and improved security of your custom forward grip.

Strike Industries offers their KeyMod Rail Covers in six different colors. Choose KeyMod rail covers in the color that best suits your build. Whether you match the Mil-Spec finish on your rifle or combine contrasting sets for a one of a kind custom look that will turn heads at the range, Strike Industries’ KeyMod Rail Covers create a personalized forward grip that is as rugged and good looking as it is easy to apply.

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