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Forward Controls Design: Bolt Catch and Forward AssistForward Controls Design

In 2014, Roger Wang left Battle Arms Development to strike out on his own. With his work on BAD’s patented family of AR and M-16 safety selectors and their AR/M-16 Enhanced Pins Set in his portfolio, he was confident in his ability to move forward and give the firearms community valuable products that would make a difference to the shooters who use them. His aim was to provide components that were ready for battlefield use from day one. The design and production of innovative products that function in a far superior manner to their predecessors have proved that Roger Wang has hit the mark dead on.

The Forward Controls Design mission is fairly simple: To create a family of AR and SCAR components that feature advanced ergonomics in their design. This user-centric goal recognizes that small changes can make huge differences in how an operator interacts with a firearm. Something as seemingly insignificant as the direction of the serrations cut into a handle face may totally change the way operation is addressed. By changing the angle, shape or location of a feature can make or break the shooter’s relationship with a specific weapon.

While others may overlook an opportunity to change a component, believing that there is no room for improvement, Forward Controls Design continues to push the envelope. Forget conventional wisdom. Experience plus the will to excel have created a company that had broadened the horizons of ergonomic tactical components beyond conventional boundaries. Excellence in design, manufacturing process and support have made FCD a rising star in the tactical weapons community.