MPN: OL-Combo


  • Easy-to-use, inexpensive tool for leveling scopes mounted in one-piece mounts or rings
  • Undated design features an offset slot in the leveler base, which helps provide more leeway on one-piece scope mounts that have ramped surfaces
  • Manufactured in the U.S.A.


  • Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum


  • 1x Small Wedge
  • 1x Large Wedge
  • 1x Leveler Base


  • Small Wedge: Requires a space between the rail/mount and turret cluster from 0.190" to 0.730"
  • Large Wedge: Requires a space between the rail/mount and turret cluster from 0.680" to 1.200"

Some one-piece scope mounts like those made by Bobro may not have enough space, be certain to check with your specific scope and mount. The leveler requires a flat surface directly below the turret cluster to function.


How many times have you mounted a rifle scope? I lost count myself around forty years ago. Every time I've mounted a scope has been aggravating. Attaching the rings onto the gun is pretty straightforward. Putting the scope in the rings, certainly not rocket science. However, getting the crosshairs square with the gun, that can get aggravating. Wouldn't you know, Arisaka makes a unique tool to do that. Your life just got a lot more simple.

The Best Tools Are Simple

The Arisaka optic leveler combo kit is not some crazy, over-engineered jig. The leveler is simply a slotted base and a couple of wedges. Turns out that's all you need to do the job. You clamp the scope rings onto your gun and put your scope in the rings. So far, this is what you've done before. Here's where it gets tricky, now hold on. Don't tighten the rings completely. Leave the rings loose enough that you can rotate the scope. You lay the Arisaka slotted base on the flat top of your PIC rail, slide the appropriate wedge between that and the scope turret. You move the wedge in, rotate the turret until the crosshairs are square and tighten her down.

Get One When You Don't Need It

The Arisaka optic leveler combo kit is like a headspace gauge. You may not use one every day, but when you need it, you need it now. Even if your workspace is limited, I'm sure you have at least a box for those things that may come in handy. The Arisaka optic leveler combo kit is one of those things. Save time, aggravation, and get an Arisaka optic leveler today.

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