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Arisaka AR-15 Parts

Arisaka Defense

Arisaka Defense is an All-American designer and manufacturer of firearms accessories for the small arms market. In large part, Arisaka concentrates their energies on making mounting hardware that improves the functionality of tactical weapons and offers greater options for the use of a variety of accessories with next-generation mounting systems.

An American Company

Arisaka Defense is operated by Walter Fowler and William Roberson, a pair of military brats who grew up to love the shooting sports. They began Arisaka Defense with the intention to contribute components and accessories for the shooting industry that were not only unique, but well-engineered and manufactured with the strength to function in any operating environment.

Both founders of Arisaka Defense are of Japanese American heritage. They operate Arisaka adhering to the principles of perseverance, teamwork, harmony, and family. While those principles are the central to Japanese sensibilities, they’re also an effective way to make a quality firearms company work.

Arisaka AR-15 parts on AR15

Clean Designs That Provide the Options Shooters Want

Arisaka Defense products are designed and manufactured with fluid lines. They don’t waste a lot of extra weight and materials on unnecessarily heavy, meaty looking mount bases. When you equip your accessories with Arisaka KeyMod or M-LOK mounts you get functional next-generation mounting capabilities that allow for free choice of placement as well as adjustments that give the user a truly custom fit. 
If you need Picatinny compatibility, Arisaka manufactures mounts let you use you Picatinny accessories on next-generation KeyMod, and M-LOK rails without excess bulk and adaptive plates. These mounts allow for the same great fit and clean lines as their KeyMod and M-LOK mounts as well as the adjustability that makes Arisaka mounts an excellent choice for the operator who needs everything in its place.

Wing Tactical and Arisaka

The firearms community doesn’t often find itself talking about harmony, but when Wing Tactical teamed up with Arisaka Defense to make Arisaka’s products available to a broader audience, a chord was struck that resonates deep. Together Wing Tactical and Arisaka Defense bring you a unique line of mounts that will give you an edge and maybe, a little inner peace.