• 24dB Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) with filter caps inserted
  • Lowers potentially dangerous noise levels above 85dB
  • Hear safe sound levels (with filter caps out) as if you weren't wearing ear plugs
  • Patented EarLock® retention rings utilize seven contact points to lock earpieces in place and fit the same way every time; soft, double-flanged stems provide secure seals and all-day comfort
  • Made from hypoallergenic, medical-grade polymer that's soft, durable, and long-lasting
  • Low-profile design allows you to keep them in place while wearing a mask, helmet, hat, or while using phone, headphones, or supplemental hearing muffs
  • Serve as earpieces for compatible* radio communication systems
  • Each set is packaged in a convenient carry case and includes a polymer lanyard

** RADIO COMM SYSTEM COMPATIBILITY: Thales Covert Security Harness; Harris Security Force Communication Set; Motorola Surveillance Kits; Tactical Command Industries Tactical Earpiece Products; Peltor Lightweight Systems-Hearplug; Silynx C4Ops Headset

** Comfortable EP3 Sonic Defenders also serve as earpieces for compatible radio communication systems* simply by removing the noise-reducing filter and attaching the earpiece to the system. NOTE: EP3 earpiece will not provide hearing protection if the noise-reducing filter is removed.


  • Noise Reduction Rating: 24 dB (with filter caps inserted)
  • Filter: Yes
  • Stem: Double Flanged
  • Radio Comm Compatible: Yes
  • Available Size: Medium


  • 2x Surefire EP3 Sonic Defender Double Flanged Earplugs (Left and Right)
  • 1x Earplug Case
  • 1x Polymer Lanyard


Good ear protection is a must at the shooting range, but it can be quite cumbersome. Earmuffs interfere with other headgear, but earplugs often fail to provide sufficient protection from the sound of gunfire. Fortunately, Surefire offers the best of both worlds in the EP3 Sonic Defender Double Flanged Earplugs. These are much more advanced than simple foam earplugs.

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