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CMT Tactical (Cross Machine Tool)

CMT Tactical is Cross Machine Tool Co. Inc. CNT Tactical is a Veteran owned precision design and manufacturing company based in Lexington, Tennessee, U.S.A. the CMT Machine goal is simple. They want to provide the small arms community with high-quality components that they’re not just happy, but excited to call their own. CMT Tactical components are expected to perform at high levels regardless of operating environment.

Cross Machine Reaching Beyond Expectations

Cross Machine operates under the belief that their products must be designed and manufactured to meet and even exceed the highest expectations of their consumer base. CMT Tactical strives to deliver superior products through innovation and superior manufacturing methods. CMT Machine utilizes cutting-edge multi-axis, live-tooled machining centers to produce firearms components that are more precise to print and feature better fitment and more accurate performance than the products of competitors using industry standard techniques.

Superior Materials

Cross Machine Tool Company utilizes the best materials for each component they produce. While Mil-spec and industry standards might call for an alloy that’s just good enough, Cross Machine knows there is a better way. Many of CMT Machine’s products are built from materials that are 65 percent stronger than the materials that the industry standard calls for. The result is a stronger, more reliable part that imparts greater accuracy to the completed weapon system. CMT’s dedication to better than Mil-Spec manufacturing assures that their customers receive a great value for their investment when they base an AR on CMT Tactical components.

An Exceptional Team

When two Veteran-owned businesses joint together to furnish the shooting community with quality firearms products everyone wins. Wing Tactical is proud to be counted among those trusted to distribute Cross Machine Tool’s fine AR products to an eager small arms community. We pledge to provide the access and customer service that CMT’s products and our customers deserve.