Precision Armament M11 Severe-Duty Muzzle Brake (.308/7.62)

Precision Armament M11 Severe-Duty Muzzle Brake (.308/7.62)

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  • Fully Symmetrical Blast Chamber - Promotes balanced gas flow for reduced bullet yaw and maximum accuracy potential
  • Digressing Baffle Thickness - Stress optimized baffles diminish in thickness to minimize bore aperture wall surface and reduce baffle/projectile interaction
  • Perfect Bore Alignment - High tolerance class-III threads machined in same operation as bore aperture to guarantee perfect concentricity
  • Deeply Recessed Exit Hole Crown - Protects exit hole from impact damage
  • Delivers recoil energy reduction of 70% or higher for many cartridges
  • Closed bottom design minimizes dust signature when shooting prone
  • Top venting gas port provides significant reduction in muzzle climb/jump
  • Angled “V” shaped blast baffles divert reflected blast above and below shooters ear for lower perceived concussion and noise
  • Available in a Ionbond DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) matte black and in natural matte stainless
  • Heat treated and stress relieved
  • Accu-Washer™ Muzzle Alignment System is recommended for installation to achieve the best performance (sold separately). Caution: Do not use crush washers with this product.


  • Caliber: 7.62mm / .308 Win
  • Material: 416 Stainless Steel
  • Finish: Matte Black DLC or Matte Stainless-Steel Finish
  • Weight: 5.5 oz.
  • Length: 2.7"
  • Height: 1.19"
  • Width: 1.37"
  • Bore Diameter: 0.34"
  • Thread: 5/8"-24


  • Any .264-.308 caliber barrel with 5/8"x24 TPI (including 6.5 Creedmoor and 6.5 Grendel)


There is no doubt that if you don't already have a muzzle device on your rifle eventually you will. Not that the recoil from a couple of shots is too much, but how often do you just take a couple of shots? Maybe if you're hunting, but when range day comes your shoulder is in for it. You can't significantly change the weight of your rifle or the way you shoulder it. However, the right muzzle brake is a change that you can make as soon as the mail runs.

It's Not A Gimmick, It's The Real Deal

When you look at the sea of muzzle brakes on the market you can quickly get overwhelmed. They're all so different, which one actually does the job? Well, the Precision Armament M11 Muzzle Brake is one that does indeed perform up to expectations. This sexy beast is designed with massive baffles and top ports. This feature directs the blast of the shot above and to the sides, so you experience less perceived concussion and felt recoil.

Something Wicked Is Here

When it comes to something you will add to your rifle, the attitude it brings says a lot about you. Sure, you can go for something refined, but unless you go to the range in a tuxedo you're anything but refined. The Precision Armament M11 Muzzle Brake makes its statement before you even fire the first shot. However, when you start sending rounds downrange, that M11 severe duty muzzle brake does more than make a statement, it demands respect. You will always respect the way the Precision Armament M11 Muzzle Brake looks and performs.

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6 Reviews


    Posted by Edgar on 4th Sep 2020

    Fit beautifully on my rifle. Only issue was it did not come with a CRUSH WASHER which is needed to install it. Had to buy one on my own.

  • M11 muzzlebrake

    Posted by Daniel on 12th Aug 2020

    go as it gets great brake hardly any recoil on magnum rifle!!!

  • Muzzle brake

    Posted by Daniel on 11th May 2020

    Now this is a bad@ss product. It greatly reduced the recoil on my Ar-10 and I would highly recommend. Only thing but the shim kit when purchasing. Easy to install and highly recommend for anyone wanting to reduce recoil.

  • Muzzle brake

    Posted by Daniel on 11th May 2020

    Now this is a bad@ss product. It greatly reduced the recoil on my Ar-10 and I would highly recommend. Only thing but the shim kit when purchasing. Easy to install and highly recommend for anyone wanting to reduce recoil.

  • Precision Amament M-11 Muzzle Brake

    Posted by S.L. Seim on 13th Apr 2020

    I recently purchase the M-11 severe duty muzzle brake from from Wing Tactical. I have no issues with the brake itself as it works beautifully, however, the instructions that came with are woefully inadequate. There are no symmetrical flats on the brake to apply a wrench. The directions do not indicate what size wrench is needed either. I put 2 layers of paper and a layer of painters tape on the brake before tightening and the brake was still cosmetically marred from installation. My buddy has a Nord Arms 308 Open brake that I helped him install on his 300 Winchester magnum and it was literally a 5 minute job. It looks and works beautiful. A 12 year old could have done it as it require no big wrenches, vise, jaw guards, or timing washers.

  • Everything you could ask for

    Posted by Jeff S on 12th Mar 2020

    Bought this for .300 prc. Have the M4-72 on my .308 works perfect, only complaint is backblast. Still managable but feared it would be far too much for magnum .300 PRC. The M11 fit my medium Palma barrel perfectly. Recoil was drastically reduced. Now it is equal to non-comp .308. Gasses are diverted to side not back so no overpressure towards shooter. You might need to appologise to the guys next to you. Break is on the big side, but for magnum rifle it suits the functional needs, and really makes sense. Best craftsmanship possible. What else is there to say. 5 stars +

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