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Precision Armament

Some manufacturers remain in the 20th century and flourish, however, time moves on and so does the best of the best. In Wellsville, New York, Precision Armament chose to leave the bottom-end of the market to others. Instead, they focus only on high-end tactical accessories for the firearms belonging to the most demanding shooter. In this world, the term generic belongs to your pharmacy. They create critical components for purpose-built tactical weapons and high-performance rifles meant for competition and hunting.

Ultra-Performance Tactical Products

Precision Armament exists to serve the three main segments of the shooting world that put very exacting demands on their equipment. Products they have developed to fill a specific niche for one segment easily accommodates the needs of another. The civilian competition shooter or hunter benefits from the research and development that is focused on the military market. The ever-growing law enforcement demands benefit from both. When your next shot could be your last, Precision Armament fills the growing need for durable, tactical products that deliver ultra-performance.

Muzzle Brakes, Compensators, and More

Here you will find muzzle brakes, compensators, and hybrids of the two that stray from the conventional offerings. Both in design and purpose, they turn a simple muzzle device into a precision addition to the weapon. They threw away the idea of a standard crush washer normally used to tune such a device in favor of precision. Their Accu-Washer shim system gives you the ability to precisely tune the muzzle device and know it will stay.

They offer a number of scope bases and pic rails that are machined to ultra-tight tolerances. For the shooter who long ago reached the point that MOA simply isn't good enough, these make the difference. Function, precision, and versatility are the new standards achieved every time.

The bolt-gun received their attention with a recoil lug that is more than just a spacer. Their recoil lug is made from heat-treated stainless steel to withstand the impact sustained by heavy rounds. Although often overlooked, they saw their bolt knob offering as a blank canvas. It received a unique, machined texture to yield a non-slip performance whether you're operating with or without gloves.