• Improved design for smoother functioning
  • Heat treated to 45 rockwell


  • Material: 4340 steel
  • Finish: Melonite
  • Weight: 0.25 oz.


  • AR-15


So, you’re trying to fine-tune your AR-15 and you’re looking for every last little thing you can do. One low-cost upgrade you can implement yourself is a V Seven Improved AR-15 cam pin. There is no costly trip to the gunsmith and this can give you just that little bit more you wanted.

Why Fix It If It’s Not Broken?

Okay, we all know that cam pins rarely fail, but they are a place to go for improvement. Standard cam pins have a square head, therefore, they ride a bit rougher in your upper and cause faster wear. The Improved V Seven AR15 cam pin sports gently rounded edges with no sharp corners, consequently, your precious upper endures less abuse and you feel smoother cycling when you fire. They’re many ways to smooth out your weapons action, but why not start with the low-cost choices that you can implement yourself.

A New Line of Friends

Upgrading to a V Seven AR15 cam pin comes with several bonuses, one of which is meeting a great company. I bet you’ve bought things that you wish you hadn't, I sure have. Eventually, you’re likely to want some truly high-end parts for that build of a lifetime. We like to buy from people we know and trust, V Seven Weapon Systems are the go-to company for just that. Go ahead and get yourself a V Seven AR15 cam pin and see the quality of V Seven’s products yourself. You’ll never regret it unless you don’t try them out.

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Reviews (2)

  • Top Quality MSR Cam Pin

    Posted by Nathan Cunningham on 29th Jan 2020

    I've had the standard mil-spec Nitride coated can pin that originally came with my M&P15 and after a 1000rnds it's not spent but it definitely has some wear. So I figured since I was replacing 90% of the gun that a upgraded cam pin was in the cards. I looked at the dommed Lantac pin and the POF Roller pin but coming across the V Seven enhanced pin I decided to go with it since it's about half the price. This cam pin was professionally carved, cut & coated. Perfectly made and the quality is very evident. I really like the fact that it's a strong steel w/ nitride coating and how they managed to curve the corners of the pin itself. Now I will admit that this pin may make the cycling smoother but as far as I could tell it may have had a small effect on the BCGs smoothness. The only con was that the pins corners are shown as a nice smooth curve in all the pictures but when I got mine home and inspected it, I found that the pin I received wasn't as the photos showed but actually have some slight edges around the curve instead of one smooth curve. Now this isn't a deal breaker or even causes any negative effects but this is still something to think about. Highly recommended and a true piece of American art.

  • The little things

    Posted by Justin on 16th Oct 2018

    A very well made, slick little cam pin. You shed a little weight and smooth up your rifle all at the same time... V-7 makes awesome parts!!

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