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In any firearm, the trigger is one of the essential parts that can affect its accuracy, reliability, and performance. TriggerTech is a brand that understands that quite well, and they make a wide range of high-quality trigger groups for various semi-auto and bolt action rifles.

Superior Performance Guaranteed

TriggerTech incorporates multiple patented technologies in its triggers, allowing them to offer superior performance to the competition. It offers an extensive selection of single-stage and double-stage triggers suitable for various gas-operated and bolt-action rifles. Its trigger range includes options for popular AR pattern rifles such as the AR-15 and AR-10, as well as for pistol caliber carbines like the 9mm ARs and Sig MPX.

Precision Shooting Made Easy

When it comes to bolt action rifles, TriggerTech makes a wide range of precision shooting triggers for the Remington 700 and all rifles that clone the Remington 700 action. They also have triggers for bolt action rifles made by popular brands like Weatherby and Kimber, among several others.

Looking for a top-of-the-line trigger that's both dependable and promotes superior accuracy? Look no further than TriggerTech.