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Red is a very bold color to have on your AR. However, it’s also a pretty amazing color if you want to show off your rifle and make it stand out. Red AR parts will allow you to do just that. Choose which AR-15 red accessories will provide the perfect finishing touch and make sure you have a rifle that stands out from the rest.

Strike Industries Red AR-15 parts

Do Red AR Parts Provide a Tactical Advantage?

Red AR parts aren’t going to provide you with a tactical advantage when you’re walking around with your rifle. They won’t help you with camouflage. In fact, they’ll serve the opposite purpose by making your rifle stand out even more, which is why you won’t ever find them used on a battlefield. But these parts will look cool on an AR and will be perfect for those who use their rifles for shooting competitions, gun shows, and even just at shooting ranges.

Strike Industries GRIDLOK LITE M-LOK Handguard With Front Sight


Some smaller red AR parts won’t be too noticeable right away when someone sees your rifle. Handguards, on the other hand, will be instantly recognizable and will transform the look of your entire AR-15. This is a great choice if you want to make sure that bold red color can’t be missed.

 Strike Industries AR-15 Charging Handle With Extended Latch

Charging Handles

Red AR-15 charging handles are another AR-15 red accessory on the market today. This is a smaller alternative to the handguards, but it’s also a necessary part for the functionality of your rifle. If you have to have the part anyway, why not make it stand out?

Strike Industries Flip Switch Ambidextrous Safety Selector

Safety Selectors

If you would like to add just a touch of red to your rifle without allowing it to consume its whole appearance, choosing one of the red safety selectors from Wing Tactical might be your best bet. Lower receiver parts like this one are a more subtle way to incorporate color without overdoing it.

Wing Tactical Can Supply You With AR-15 Red Accessories

For a decade now, Wing Tactical has been providing everyone, from civilian gun owners and competitive shooters to active-duty military members and members of law enforcement, with firearm parts and accessories.

The red AR parts we can provide can help you personalize your AR-15 so that it looks the way you want it to. Whether you want to make your entire rifle red or add a few red accents, Wing Tactical can set you up with the AR-15 red accessories you need to change its look.

At Wing Tactical, our experts specialize in helping you select the right AR-15 parts and accessories. We can also deliver fast shipping times and discounts to those in the military or a part of law enforcement. Give us a call today to place an order.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using red parts on my AR-15?

Although using red parts on your AR-15 isn’t going to give you any advantages from a tactical perspective, it will make your rifle look special. You’ll take more pride in your AR-15 when it looks customized, thanks to the red parts you’ve put on it.

Can I install red parts on my AR-15 myself?

There may be certain AR-15 red accessories that will be difficult to install yourself if you don’t know what you’re doing, but the color of the parts should not be any different from installing a factory version of that part.

Which brands make the best red parts?

Many of the best brands in the business make red parts for AR-15s. F-1 Firearms, Strike Industries, and RISE Armament are just a few companies you can count on for red parts for your rifle.

Can I buy red parts for firearms other than my AR-15?

You can purchase AR-15 red parts, but you can also buy red parts for other firearms as well. For example, you can invest in them for AR-10s in addition to Glocks, Rugers, and other guns.

Why should I trust Wing Tactical for red AR parts?

Wing Tactical is one of the leading suppliers of red parts for ARs. We carry these parts from a variety of brands, offer fast shipping times to our customers, and promise your complete satisfaction.